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Imagine Karasuno having 3 managers and you as the 2nd year manager. English is not my first language, so there'll be lots of mistakes. Sorry and please enjoy :D


"Bokuto-san. Bokuto-san!" Akaashi called him numerous time until he was furious with his attitude.

"W-W-What, Akaashi?"

Akaashi sighed as he shook his head. "Bokuto-san, what are looking at?"

Bokuto ignored his question again and started looking at something. Or actually someone.
Akaashi trailed what he was looking at and he quickly glanced at Bokuto again.


Karasuno's 2nd year manager had been grabbing his attention since the first day they arrived at the school.
Akaashi didn't want to believe this but he also didn't have a choice.

"Managerrrr!" He quickly ran towards his club's manager like a kid.

The managers looked at him with a shock expression.

"What's wrong, Bokuto?" The 3rd year manager, Shirofuku asked.

Bokuto started acting like a kid in front of the managers, giving them confusion. "D-D-Do y-y-you k-know h-h-her...?"

He shyly pointed towards the Karasuno's manager. Shirofuku only gaped and gave a smirk at him.

"Finally, the baby owl is falling in love?" She teased him. Bokuto's face turned bright red.

"S-S-Shut up! J-J-Just tell me her name!" The owl pouted.

Both managers laughed seeing his reaction.
The 1st year manager, Suzumeda replied, "Her name is Nakamura Nanami-san. 2nd year manager."

Bokuto's eyes sparkled after knowing her name. "Ahahaha! Hey! Hey! Hey!"

He keeps shouting that the whole gym was echoed with his shout.

"Bokuto, shut upppppppp!!" Three school's captain yelled at him.


During lunchtime, all the managers from different schools help in preparing foods.

Shirofuku watched Nakamura as she sliced the onions.
Shimizu who noticed her action went to their place.

"Excuse me, is there anything wrong with Nanami?"

Nakamura who didn't realized anything stopped slicing and looked at Shirofuku. "I-I-Is something matter?"

"Nothing. But I've been wondering what Bokuto sees in you."

Nakamura blushed after hearing that. Suzumeda came to them and stopped her senior.

"S-Senpai, what are you doing?"

Shirofuku only laughed and hold Nakamura's shoulders. "Please take care of that baby owl very well."

"T-T-Take care of him? W-W-What do you mean?" There's tears in her eyes.

The managers laughed inside the kitchen watching Nakamura's reaction.
Shimizu couldn't help but feeling sorry for her.

"Kiyoko-senpai, what's going on?" Nakamura was about to cry for real like a kid.


While filling water into the bottles, Nakamura sighed a few times. She couldn't forget what Fukurodani's manager said to her.
As she stared into the sky, a sudden shout snapped her back to reality. "Nakamura!!!"

The bottle that she was holding fell onto the ground. She turned around as she was shivering. How unfortunate she met someone who she didn't even want to see at the time.

"Nakamura, can you help fill my bottle too?" He grinned happily at her as he handed his empty bottle.

"B-Bokuto-san has m-m-manager too, right? W-W-Why didn't you a-a-asked them?" She tried her best to hide her nervousness.

Bokuto pouted suddenly. "They all won't help me. Then, as I walked toward here, I saw you."

Nakamura only nodded hearing his explanation. She never felt this nervous in her life. She was surprised because someone actually liked her.

She took the bottle in his hand and filled it with water. There was silence for a few minutes.
After the bottle was full, she handed it back to him.

"Ah, thank you!" He smile widely to her. This time, she couldn't hide her blushing face.

"I'm sorry, but I need to refill these bottles. Please excuse me." She said politely as she continued filling the empty bottles.

Bokuto only watched her while grinning. Nakamura felt very uncomfortable with his action.

"Is he a pervert or what?! That's scary. Motherrrrr~" She was ranting in her heart.

A footsteps were heading to their direction.

"Bokuto-san, here you are. It's almost our turn to play." Akaashi came to call their captain.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Finally I can play again!" He shouted all of sudden.

"Please don't suddenly shout in front of someone that isn't familiar with us." Akaashi politely advising him.

Before they headed back to the gym, Bokuto exhaled deeply. "Nakamura, can I have your phone number?!"

Both Akaashi and Nakamura blinked their eyes quickly. "W-W-Why should I-I-I give you..?" She asked.

"F-F-For many things! E-E-Especially v-v-volleyball things." He explained.

"But don't you discuss these stuffs with captain of the team?"

Bokuto didn't seem want to give up and keep pressing her to give him her phone number.

Nakamura politely declined his request and she could see his pouted face.

Finally, he gave up. He walked away fast from the place and headed to the gym.

"Don't talk to me anymore!" He sulking like a kid.

Akaashi sighed. "It comes now. Bokuto-san emo mode."

Nakamura looked at him weirdly. "E-E-Emo mode?"

"It's Bokuto-san's specialty. Please excuse me." Akaashi bowed and was about to go before she called him.

"A-Akaashi-kun, right? Urm... Wait.." She took out a pen and paper and wrote something on it.

He looked at the paper and widen his eyes. She could only smile bitterly at him.

"I kind feel sorry for him and if he didn't play well, your team will be in trouble." She bowed to him.

Akaashi smile and bowed again. "Thank you for understanding. Sorry for the trouble Bokuto-san made."

She shook her head in disagreement and watched the setter went towards the gym.

As the winds blew her long brown hair, she could feel her face becoming hot.

"I fall in love...I think." She chuckled alone.


That night, Bokuto keep screaming in excitement after he got Nakamura's phone number.
The rest of the members had to bear with his shouting including Akaashi.

"I shouldn't give him her phone number if it turns out like this.." He sighed.

Their room's door was suddenly open and there was Nekoma's captain, Kuroo Tetsurou coming in.

"Damn you, Bokuto! Just go to bed, you stupid owl!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhh! Kuroo!!!"


My first fanfiction after ages I didn't write QAQ Glad I can finish this although I'm pretty sure it's a simple story *sigh* I'm making a new one but pretty sure it's going to be long. Please enjoy my writing and I'll be happy if you do so :D


I'll rarely use this website (I say this early since I'm quite forgetful).
I'll busy for the upcoming semester.
Even if I'm online, maybe that's when I'm relaxing (Can I even relax =_=)

Here's a little bit about myself that I don't write in B I O G R A P H Y
*This is all about sports anime. If you don't know, just Google them*

Fandom :
Haikyuu!!, Tenipuri, Kuroko no Basuke, Daiya no Ace, Yowamushi Pedal, Prince of Stride, Free!!

Characters that ruined my life:
Kuroo Tetsurou, Bokuto Koutarou, Toudou Jinpachi, Miyuki Kazuya, Yagami Riku, Hasekura Heath, Tachibana Makoto, Takao Kazunari, Kise Ryouta, Akashi Seijurou, Niou Masaharu, Shishido Ryou

Seiyuu that I'm having crush on:
Kakihara Tetsuya, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Miyano Mamoru (loves his singing), Hosoya Yoshimasa (loves his singing too!), Kaji Yuki, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Kimura Ryouhei

Stage play actors I'm having crush on:
Miyazaki Shuuto, Suzuki Hiroki (I forgot his year birth), Masuda Ryou, Hirose Daisuke, Ota Motohiro, Ozawa Ren

That's all. I'll always welcome friends with same interests