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namnahyun's Journal

19 December
Nickname : Nahyun (officially going to use this as my signature)
Age : 22 (not official)
Languages : Malay, English, Japanese (I'm still learning)

I'm currently a 2nd year university student.

I spend a lot of times online, writing, drawing, singing, listening, playing games, stalking.
Ah, I also wasting my time watching sports anime again and again (especially when I'm too hooked up with it)
And also a bit of romance anime (makes me squeal so much : thanks to seiyuu LOL)
Sometimes, I watched the stage plays (keeping my eye on cute actors LOL)

I'm quite introverted person and I'm trying to overcome it. Well, let's see as times pass by OTL
I like keeping myself positive although I'm quite depress most of the times QAQ

Just be happy with your life. It's hard, but when you enjoy every of it, you'll feel bless :D

*Going to use this blog for my writing. It can be random as time goes by QvQ*